Afterschool Service

We provide a full Afterschool service, ranging from collection, homework club to meals. All meals provided follows a healthy eating programme in accordance with HSE and Safe Food guidelines and under the supervision of fully qualified staff. It also includes half days and holiday cover with lunch and snacks provided.

  • We pick up the children from the local National School at 1.40pm and 2.40pm respectively.
  • All homework is done immediately under the supervision of fully qualified pre-school staff including homework checks on all work done.
  • We prepare home cooked meals on a daily basis ranging from chicken curry and rice; chilly; chicken or beef pasta bake; spaghetti bolognese; pasta pesto with garlic bread; sausages and fish fingers; etc. We have a policy not to provide any processed food as all our ingredients are sourced locally.
  • After meals, the children are allowed to play indoor or outdoor, watch TV, play board games or game consoles, all within a homely environment and always under the supervision of qualified staff.
  • The school closes at 6pm sharp.